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"Voice Of The Customer" Program



Is This YOU?

  • You want more loyal customers and more repeat business

  • You want to attract new customers and retain existing ones

  • You need to make better-informed customer-related decisions  

  • You want real, actionable results

If you said YES to any of the above, then contact us now TO UNCOVER YOUR OPPORTUNITIES.

P: +61 2 8072 0670     E:  admin@peterstrohkorbconsulting.com




Faster, Better, Proven: our 5-Step Customer Program Delivers Value


Let our 5-Step "Voice of the Customer" (VoC) program uncover your customers' true sentiments, ideas and challenges. Our independent and neutral "Switzerland" approach ensures  full and frank responses from the people that really count: Your customers right across the board.

We do not only unearth their true needs but go on to facilitate your customer strategy, and we then help you to implement it. That is the difference we bring: real, actionable results.

Gain deep insight to make the right membership-related decisions for your business and for your Members.


Client Testimonials

Thank YOU, Peter. We very much appreciated the insights you developed and shared with my group. There is real value in having a greater sense of certainty about perceptions and, especially, our assumptions.
— Niels Marquart - CEO, American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)
“Our members were treated with respect and we received very good feedback. The way the program was done, particularly with the follow-up phone calls, really had them engaged and feeling that they’ve been listened to.”
— Arno Brok, CEO of AISA

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) wanted to improve its membership value and asked us to come in as a neutral party to take the pulse of the members.

Niels Marquardt, CEO, reports on his experience with our "Voice of the Customer" program.

AISA is the peak representative body of the data security industry in Australia. AISA has over 3,500 members. Following a strategic review of its operations and strategy AISA wanted to better understand the true sentiments of its members and unearth their ideas and wishes for the future. AISA CEO Arno Brok outlines the difference that our VoC program brought to AISA and its members.

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P: +61 2 8072 0670     E:  admin@peterstrohkorbconsulting.com