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For Business Leaders who want to test and improve their Sales and Marketing Alignment.


Your Quick Smarketing® Assessment

What will be your Smarketing® score ?

What will be your Smarketing® score ?


> Benchmark HOW MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE your sales and marketing TeamS CAN BE

> Uncover Your hidden opportunities to Boost sales 

> Find Out Your Smarketing® Score

> FAST, Effective, INexpensive,



Provides immediate value with:

  • A report on how well your sales and marketing teams are collaborating  
  • Our expert recommendations on how to accelerate your sales revenue
  • A list of specific opportunities to improve your sales and marketing productivity
  • Insight into your team sentiments
  • The Smarketing® score for your business, comparing it to best practice 
  • An executive review of our findings and recommendations


Duration and Investment

  • 1-2 weeks

  • From $97 per participant*


Download A Sample Report

What will your Report reveal about your teams ?

What will your Report reveal about your teams ?


* Participants usually are from sales, marketing, product management and their leadership team. Includes setting up and management of a short online survey, analysis of the findings, a formal report and an Executive Review of the findings and our recommendations. Minimum of ten participants at $97 per participant, plus government taxes and charges, if applicable.  Please contact us with your queries.


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