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"ROI Calculator"


Getting the most from your Sales and Marketing resources  is Smarketing®. It turns your them into ONE high-performing Revenue Team. Smarketing® boosts sales revenue, customer loyalty and staff engagement. It has the potential to boost your entire business.

By how much ?
Use this free ROI Calculator to find out in just two minutes.


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Calculate your GROWTH Potential* NOW

Simply overwrite the sample numbers in the orange fields below with your own financials. Then click on 'Calculate' to discover your growth potential:
Our approximate Annual Sales Revenue
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What happens if we do nothing*?
Now click on 'Calculate...' above to view your results.
“Following your OneTEAM Method® we achieved the same revenue in two weeks as we did in our previous six months!”
— Brent Clark, CEO at Advisory Firm Wattblock
“Did we receive value for the money we spent?”: “Absolutely!”
— Amy Childs, General Manager Sales & Marketing at a large utility company

How CAN we deliver these Results* to your Business ?

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* Disclaimer: Peter Strohkorb Consulting is offering these tests for informational and discussion purposes only. It illustrates potential savings associated with the use of certain products and services available from Peter Strohkorb Consulting International. Actual results and savings may vary significantly due to a variety of circumstances. For clarity, Peter Strohkorb Consulting International makes no assurances or warranties of any kind here whatsoever.