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DoES YOUR JOB Role CARRY responsibility, but lack authority?


THEN you need Influencing Skills!



You Too Can Gain Influence by Leveraging The Powers of Persuasion.


    The Influencer Leadership Canvas uses design-thinking principles to help you discover the effective language and exact wording you need to intrigue and influence the people who matter. It guides you through a series of questions that lead you to your specific solution, your own influential argument.


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    Personal, 1:1 persuasion and influencer coaching and group workshops are available now on-line and on-site. 
    Our clients have experienced results within just days.                         

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    admin@peterstrohkorb.com   Australian Office:  +61 2 8072 0670   USA Office:  +1 214-237-2903

    I experienced Peter’s “Influencer Leadership Canvas” this week and I was really impressed. In just a sequence of questions the tool delivered an effective value proposition. It simply turns your thinking around to see the world from the perspective of your internal or external customers and gives you the words to make your case.
    — Matthew Grace, Innovation Lead at Herbert Smith Freehills
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