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For Business Owners and Corporate Executives who want to boost their Sales Revenue and Profits quickly.

Jump Start Your Revenue In Just 90 Days !

To Be Successful In Business Peter Says You Need To Master 10 Competencies:

  1. A brand that differentiates you from others  
  2. A well-defined product or service to sell
  3. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or a Killer Introduction, that intrigues your prospects and makes them want to know more about you and your business
  4. A clear definition of your ideal customers
  5. Knowledge of where to find them
  6. The understanding of how to get to them effectively and interest them in you
  7. Know-how to eliminate your competitors so that your business becomes the buyers' final and only choice
  8. The skills to get your prospects to transact with you
  9. A superior customer experience, post-purchase
  10. Know how to keep customers loyal and win their repeat business

Which need more work in Your Business ?


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How can just a 5% Improvement in Sales Productivity Increase Your Profits by 20% ? 

  1. Assess each of the ten competencies above

  2. Recommend action for your approval

  3. Execute for success


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What Clients Say

Todd Stewardson, Senior Vice President Sales, and Advisory Board Member, San Francisco, USA

Todd Stewardson, Senior Vice President Sales, and Advisory Board Member, San Francisco, USA

“Peter has been extremely influential in the growth and expansion of my business.
His ability to quickly assess and advise on situational opportunities has allowed me to thrive and focus on what’s important, and identify and avoid pitfalls.
I respect and have come to depend on his mentorship and guidance.”
— Todd Stewardson, Senior Vice President Sales, and Advisory Board Member, San Francisco, USA
Huw Thomas, Partner, Blue Seed Consulting

Huw Thomas, Partner, Blue Seed Consulting

Peter is a thoughtful, value-focused sales and marketing expert. He guided our consulting leadership team through several learning sessions to advance our knowledge and very thoughtfully enquired into how we do things to understand our needs.
He identified key gaps in our unique selling propositions, mindsets/culture, collateral and sales process and facilitated sessions in which we drilled down to uncover the true purpose and business value of what we do and the statements that succinctly articulate that value to our clients.
This has given us clarity to take our products and services to market so clients perceive greater value immediately.
Peter also added great value to me personally in several conversations outside the scope of his assignment, building my sales confidence and connecting me to his network and other resources.
Peter goes above and beyond, exemplifying the relationship-building required of any good salesperson.
I highly recommend connecting with Peter!
— Huw Thomas, Partner, Blue Seed Consulting


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